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Stavis Seafoods, Inc.

Stavis Seafoods has been an anchor of the international seafood industry for more than 80 years. Surfacing on the Boston seafood scene in 1929, Stavis quickly grew from a clam company to a one-stop-source for high quality seafood, delivering more than 1000 fresh and frozen seafood items nationwide from more than 50 countries. We source the best seafood available and offer four diverse, well recognized brands. At Stavis, we educate you on quality, flavor, and resources so you can sell with confidence. Our seasoned sales staff and expert buyers focus on keeping you competitive with up-to-the minute seafood pricing and trends so you can also buy with confidence.

Stavis is one of the few seafood companies that can provide same-day truck or air shipments worldwide. Stavis has the ability to accommodate specific packing and shipping requirements and is TSA Certified to perform all cargo screening at our facility prior to arriving at the airport.  Stavis is a leading importer into the Florida seafood market specializing in fresh seafood from Central and South America. Before shipping Stavis also has a full-time quality assurance staff to check all seafood to ensure our customers receive only the best.

Regardless of your needs, Stavis consistently delivers
freshness, quality and taste.

Stavis Seafoods - We Bring More To The Table.

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