• Marine Stewardship Council

    MSC is an ecolabel and fishery certification program that contributes to the health of the world’s oceans by recognizing and rewarding sustainable fishing practices.

  • Friend of the Sea

    Friend of the Sea is a leading international certification project for products originated from both sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

  • Center for Sustainable Fisheries

    Board Member

    The Center for Sustainable Fisheries is a non-profit organization that focuses on preserving our nation’s fisheries resources through conservation measures as well as promoting economic development for the fishing economy through the use of reliable science.

  • SeaPact

    Member Company

    SeaPact improves the sustainability of global seafood by using the collective power of like-minded North American seafood companies to improve the fishing and fish farming systems from which they procure. The following projects are currently funded:

    Sea Delight Mexican Grouper FIP
    Fathom Consulting Pelagic Trawl Gear Improvement
    CeDePesca Mahi Mahi FIP
    NFI Crab Council - Blue Swimming Crab Enhancement
    Maine Soft Shell Clam FIP
    Brazilian Lobster FIP

  • Guatemalan Fisheries Improvement Project

    Supplier Supporter

    Stavis Seafoods is supporting CeDePesca’s efforts to create a fisheries improvement project (FIP) for mahi mahi. The project has seed money from Walmart and the Sustainable Fisheries Project with Stavis also funding the effort.