The Buying Process

Stavis goes to great lengths to source the best seafood. We are a responsible importer and wholesaler and take a number of proactive steps to certify our vendors, including in-depth HACCP plant analysis and on-site facility and fishery visits around the world to ensure the quality, safety, and integrity of our seafood. 
Stavis requires detailed product specifications from its vendors. We view our vendors as partners and work with them, often in their native language, to ensure clear communication and expectations regarding quality, processing and packaging. Stavis conducts quality tests on its seafood in-house and utilizes certified, private lab testing of our seafood. This global sourcing outreach and attention to product integrity is unique in the New England seafood industry.

South America

  • Argentina

    Calamari, Seabass, Scallops, Whiting

  • Brazil

    Doctor Fish, Red Mullet, Parrot Fish, Swordfish

  • Chile

    Langostino, Mussels, Octopus, Salmon, Seabass, Swordfish

  • Ecuador

    Escolar, Lobster, Mahi, Swordfish, Tuna

  • Peru

    Calamari, Mahi, Scallops

  • Uruguay



  • Australia


  • New Zealand

    Clams, Lobster, Monkfish, Mussels, Orange Roughy

North America

  • Bahamas

    Conch, Lobster

  • Canada

    Clams, Crab, Cod, Eels, Herring, Halibut, Lobster, Mussels, Oysters, Shrimp, Haddock, Monkfish, Sablefish, Salmon, Salt Fish, Scallops, Smelts, Swordfish, etc.

  • Costa Rica

    Grouper, Lobster, Snapper, Swordfish, Tilapia, Tuna

  • Dominican Republic


  • El Salvador


  • Guatemala

    Grouper, Mahi

  • Honduras

    Conch, Lobster

  • Mexico

    Cobia, Grouper, Octopus, Shrimp, Snapper

  • Nicaragua

    Cobia, Conch, Grouper, Lobster, Mahi, Snapper

  • Panama

    Cobia, Grouper, King Clip, Lobster, Mahi, Snapper

  • Turks & Caicos

    Conch, Lobster

  • USA

    Alligator, Black Seabass, Bluefish, Calamari, Catfish, Clams, Cod, Crab, Fluke, Grouper, Haddock, Halibut, Hybrid Bass, Lobster, Mahi, Monkfish, Mussels, Oysters, Pollock, Red Drum, Sablefish, Scallops, Shrimp, Skate, Smoked Fish, Snapper, Sole, Striped Bass, Sturgeon, Surimi, Swordfish, Tilefish, Tuna, Trout, Whiting, Wreckfish


  • Bangladesh


  • China

    Calamari, Catfish, Cod, Crab, Crawfish, Frog Legs, Haddock, Pollock, Seaweed, Scallops, Surimi, Tilapia, etc.

  • Fiji

    Tuna, Opah

  • India

    Cuttlefish, Octopus, Shrimp

  • Indonesia

    Barramundi, Crab, Octopus, Shrimp, Snapper, Tuna

  • Japan

    Hammachi, Sushi Items

  • Maldives


  • Oman


  • Philippines

    Crab, Octopus, Shrimp, Tuna

  • Russia


  • Singapore


  • South Korea


  • Sri Lanka

    Grouper, Lobster, Tuna

  • Taiwan

    Mahi, Swordfish

  • Thailand

    Seafood Medley, Shrimp, Slipper Lobster, Snapper

  • Vietnam

    Clams, Grouper, Mahi, Shrimp, Swai, Swordfish, Tuna


  • Denmark

    Scampi Lobster

  • Faroe Islands


  • France


  • Greece

    Bronzini, Dorade Royale

  • Holland

    Cuttlefish, Flounder, Sole

  • Iceland

    Arctic Char, Cod, Haddock, Monkfish

  • Norway

    Cod, Haddock, Salmon

  • Portugal

    Cod, Horse Mackerel, Sardines

  • Spain

    Cuttlefish Ink, Octopus

  • United Kingdom

    Salmon, Smoked Fish


  • Madagascar


  • Mauritius

    Red Drum

  • Mozambique


  • Namibia

    Cape Capensis

  • Seychelles


  • South Africa

    Cape Capensis, Lobster, Octopus