Returns & Credit Policy

Updated July 30, 2022, to include policy on wooded boxes and crates, stated in Process 4.c.

Stavis Seafoods Credit and Return Policy:

1. A claim must be reported to Stavis within 24 hours of receipt of product.

2. No claims will be issued without a credit authorization number.
a. If product is returned or dumped without authorization, your credit may be denied.
b. If an invoice is short paid due to an unreported claim, the claim will be denied, and the invoice may be referred to collections.

3. All orders placed through Cash Sales/City Sales are final. No credits or returns will be granted.

Stavis Seafoods Credit and Return Process:

1. In the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied with your order, please contact your Stavis sales representative right away. If your regular sales representative is out of the office, you must report your claim to another Stavis sales representative. Note: All claims must be reported to Stavis Seafoods within 24 hours of receipt.

2. The Stavis sales representative will initiate an investigation into the matter and work with you to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution quickly.

a. Pictures and/or videos of the product and all labels or tags make this process faster and depending on the situation may be required for a credit to be issued.

3. If it is determined and agreed that a credit or return should be issued, Stavis will provide an authorization number to include with your remittance.

4. Product shall be returned in the same condition as it was received.

a. It is the customer responsibility to maintain the disputed product under proper refrigerated/frozen conditions.

b. If the product requires safe handling under HACCP, time and temperature records for the entire duration it was outside of our control are necessary.

c. Stavis will not accept product in wooden boxes or crates. Wood is a high-risk cross contamination material. Credit will not be given for product returned in wood.

5. Product damaged and/or missing in transit will be managed by the company that hired them.

a. Freight claims for items shipped pre-paid will be managed by Stavis.

b. Freight claims for items shipped Collect must be managed by the Consignee/Customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay Stavis in full for the claimed items and get reimbursed by the carrier that the customer hired.

Stavis Seafoods is committed to the quality of our brands, products, and strong partnerships with customers. We see the success of our customers as our foundation. Adherence to this policy ensures smooth resolutions.